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The 5 at 5 you need to read


The snowy winter shrinks road salt supplies in Minnesota

This year’s snowier-than-average winter has dwindled road salt supplies in some Minnesota cities. Depending on the weather over the next month, some cities are concerned they may run out.

President Obama touts transit programs in St. Paul visit

President Barack Obama in a St. Paul speech on Wednesday praised Minnesota leaders for developing a light-rail line soon to be launched into service in the Twin Cities, saying the project was a model for the nation as a job-creating example of modern transit.

Report: Best Buy to lay off 2,000 managers in U.S.

The layoffs of 2,000 managers nationwide is an attempt to cut costs, sources from the Richfield-based electronics company told the New York Post.

Many Minnesota ice arenas face expensive upgrades

A chemical currently used as a refrigerant in ice-making equipment at arenas across Minnesota is too damaging to the ozone layer to be used, the federal government says. Which means a lot of arenas will have to make some potentially expensive changes.

Minnesota's 'Biggest Loser' in TV interview: Proud of healthy weight loss

Minnesota native and “Biggest Loser” winner Rachel Frederickson told NBC’s “Today” show Wednesday she’s proud of her weight loss and insists it was absolutely healthy. Frederickson spoke less than three weeks after some critics thought she appeared gaunt on the finale of the reality competition.

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