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Economy rebounds; so does traffic congestion

If you thought your Twin Cities commute was becoming more of a hassle, your hunch was correct. The metro area has moved higher on an annual national traffic scorecard, which looks at traffic, congestion and commute times in cities across the country. The Twin Cities jumped to the 16th most congested city in the U.S. In 2012, the metro area was ranked 19th.

Rapper P.O.S. to have kidney transplant this week

Minneapolis rapper P.O.S. will have kidney transplant surgery on Thursday. He announced the news in a video recorded with his colleagues at their music collective Doomtree. Alexander, 32, has been dealing with kidney disease for the past two years.

Man rescued from deep snow, dangerous cold

A 28-year-old Austin man survived a night that could have been fatal when police found him outdoors early Monday morning in deep snow wearing only a light jacket. The temperature at the time was 9 degrees below zero.

By the numbers: Minnesota's brutal winter

If you add up all the hours that the Twin Cities spent below zero it would tally out to 20.1 full days of subzero misery.

Minnesota Wild trade for new goalie Bryzgalov

The Wild pulled the trigger today on a trade for Edmonton goalie Illya Bryzgalov in exchange for the Minnesota's 2014 fourth-round draft pick.

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