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The 5 at 5 you need to read


Minnesota unemployment ticks up slightly to 4.8 percent

Minnesota's unemployment rate climbed from a seasonally adjusted 4.7 percent to 4.8 percent in February, state Department of Employment and Economic Development officials announced.

Charges: Maplewood man shot after cable TV dispute

An 84-year-old man accused of shooting his adult son did so after an argument over cable TV, according to criminal charges filed today, WCCO reports. Pang Se Vang, of Maplewood, was charged with second-degree murder for the fatal shooting of 36-year-old Chue Vang, the station says.

Study suggests link between autism and prenatal brain growth

A new study published in Thursday's New England Journal of Medicine adds to the theory that autism may start in the womb. Autism researchers at the University of California, San Diego, examined the brains of children of autism who died. They found abnormal patterns of cell growth in tissue samples from regions important for regulating social functioning, emotions and communication.

Marinating meat in dark beer may inhibit cancer risk

With spring finally on the horizon, thoughts turn to backyard barbecues. Well, there's more good news. European researchers have discovered that marinating meat with dark beer dramatically reduces carcinogenic contamination, which is caused by the "contact of dripping fat with hot embers."

Forest in shape of Minnesota: Oaks hoax? Nope – genuine pine shrine

At first glance, it looks a bit fake, like a Photoshopped woodsy version of crop circles. But Google Maps doesn't lie. Tucked into the forests of Park Township in Lake of the Woods County is a 23-acre stand of jack pine trees in the shape of Minnesota.

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