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Warmest week in 6 months arrives; 4 inches of snow melted Sunday

This week promises to be the warmest week in six months, with temperatures in the 50s and 60s and two opportunities to hit 70 in the Twin Cities on Wednesday and Saturday.

Twins home opener draws big crowd; how about the rest of the season?

Twins team officials are sweating over what could prove to be another year of sagging attendance numbers. Their modern, inviting ballpark can only do so much to lure in fans. To really put fans in seats, the team has to win games.

Cold takes costly budget bite for winter heating costs

Even if you dialed back your thermostat and never took off that sweater around the house, it was simply more expensive to keep warm during this long winter, the coldest one that Minnesotans have endured in many years.

Tax day is approaching – here are some last-minute filing tips

April 15 is only 8 days away, and if you haven't yet filed your taxes you're definitely not alone. But don't wait too long, and check out this list of tips to make the process go a bit more smoothly.

Where on your body would a bee sting hurt the most?

A researcher from Cornell University wanted to know the answer to that question. So he decided to let bees sting him all over his body for 38 days, and then rated which stings were the most painful. He's got a top 10 list that you should check out.

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