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Jurors decided early on that Byron Smith was guilty of murdering two teens

Jurors in the murder trail of Byron Smith say it didn’t take long at all to reach a consensus that the Little Falls man had planned the killings of two teenagers who broke into his home on Thanksgiving Day 2012.

 House approves bill to take away guns from domestic abusers

The Minnesota House has overwhelmingly passed a bill banning gun possession by people convicted of certain abuse crimes or those subject to restraining orders. It's a rare instance where lawmakers appear ready to tighten certain gun restrictions.

Study: Caregiving and depression often go hand in hand

A recent small study of women who work full-time while caring for an elderly family member found a link between unpaid caregiving and depression.

Minnesota's 'Young Adele' takes YouTube fame in stride

Minnesota teen Molly Kate Kestner, who is gaining worldwide attention for an original song she posted to YouTube, plans to talk deals with record companies in the next few weeks, and she hopes to soon sell “His Daughter” on iTunes. But the Austin high school senior seems unfazed by the instant fame.

Game 7: Who has the advantage -- the Wild or the Avalanche?

The Minnesota Wild and the Colorado Avalanche face off tonight in a series-deciding playoff game, without much clarity about who has the momentum.

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