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No time to take shelter as tornado hits North Dakota man camp

Residents of a North Dakota man camp have been allowed to return to the area where a tornado struck Monday night to retrieve their belongings from the debris. Nine people were injured when the twister roared through the area, and one man captured the storm on video.

Allina to close United Hospital's 7th floor in money-saving move

The entire floor was dedicated to a unit that treated patients with epilepsy. They'll be moved to the neurology floor instead. Allina hopes to cut $100 million in costs over the next 18 months.

General Mills joins in fight to keep product names off e-cigarette flavors

Makers of the liquids that are "vaped" in e-cigarettes are marketing flavors such as Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Thin Mint and Tootsie Roll. General Mills, the Girl Scouts and others have demanded they stop using those names.

Despite record heat in Duluth, ice still floating in Lake Superior

Photos taken over the weekend show ice chunks washed up on beaches, and people posing on the mini icebergs in their bathing suits.

Mauer a no-show on first All-Star ballot update

Even though the All-Star game will be played in Minneapolis, no Minnesota Twins are ranking high enough on the All-Star ballot to be named as starters – including first baseman Joe Mauer.

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