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Wisconsin judge denies request to halt gay weddings

A federal judge in Wisconsin rejected a request Monday to temporarily put a halt to same-sex weddings in the state, allowing same-sex unions to continue for now even while her ruling is being appealed.

Special dive team helps with plane crash recovery in Lake Superior

Specialized divers are helping with the recovery of a plane crash that happened over the weekend on Lake Superior near Duluth. Authorities say they have located the pilot’s body, and wreckage from the plane in about 140 feet of water.

Social media making us more 'bear aware'

Bear sightings around the Twin Cities are not uncommon, even though it seems that way this year. We're just talking about them more these days due to social media.

Minnesota had to give the NFL a lot of free stuff to win Super Bowl bid

Among the requests from the league were 35,000 free parking spaces, access to “top quality” golf courses, free police escorts for NFL owners and free presidential suites at top hotels.

Twins sign first-round pick Nick Gordon

Gordon, a shortstop, was selected by the team as the fifth overall pick in last week’s MLB Draft.

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