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Summertime polar vortex sets sights on Minnesota

This is not a headline from The Onion: A summertime polar vortex (which apparently is not an oxymoron) is set to hit Minnesota early next week.A system of cool air "reminiscent of [the] major polar plunge that occurred this past winter is expected to roll in on Monday. How cold will it get?

7 Minnesota families make list of America's wealthiest

A new Forbes list of the richest families in America is out, and seven Minnesota families are on it. To make the list, each family needed a combined net worth of $1 billion each. The 185 dynasties with fortunes of at least $1 billion are collectively worth $1.2 trillion.

No helmet? No ride: Mother of teen who suffered skull fracture speaks

Willi Bosch had what his mother calls an "amazing" Friday morning. He was opening his eyes, squeezing his parents' hands and listening to commands from his bed at Regions Hospital in St. Paul. Willi, a multisport athlete who was preparing for his freshman year at Hill-Murray High School this fall, was longboarding alone in Roseville Monday night, when he fell.

Report: Cavs offer trade for Love; Love open to joining LeBron in Cleveland

Now that LeBron James is returning to his original home in Cleveland, the door for Kevin Love to join him could be opening. According to ESPN's Marc Stein, Love might be open to signing a long-term deal to play in Cleveland. But can the Wolves and Cavaliers work out a trade to send Love to Cleveland?

BringMeTheAww: Young boy gets first kiss in Best Buy

Young love. So powerful, so passionate. Yet often so fleeting. That's what one very young boy named Julian found out at a Best Buy recently, when he found the girl of his dreams – and even had the gall to plant a big sloppy kiss right on her lips.

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