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The 5 at 5, you need to read


Warming through the weekend: 100-degree heat index by Monday

After a pleasant respite from average temperatures this week, Mother Nature is about to turn the heat up in Minnesota. The National Weather Service says temperatures will begin to warm this weekend and by Monday could reach to between 85 and 95 degrees.

Jury set to get Ventura case Tuesday; defense seeks to toss case

Both sides rested Friday in the case brought by former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura, who is suing the estate of an ex-Navy SEAL sniper for defamation. Final arguments are set for Tuesday, although a lawyer for the late SEAL sniper Chris Kyle asked the judge Friday to throw the case out for lack of evidence before the jury gets it.

Study: Sweet drinks may contain more harmful fructose than previously thought

People who drink sweet beverages may be consuming more of the harmful sugar known as fructose than they realize, according to recent lab tests on more than three dozen sweet drinks and sodas, although a dueling study backed by the beverage industry disputes the claims.

Garbage company dumps 2 tons of trash in driveway over unpaid bill

Minnesota made USA Today's "5 craziest crimes of the week." The story came out of Redwing, where a garbage company dumped nearly two tons of "wet, putrescible waste" on a customer's driveway over an unpaid bill.

Home stand could define second half of Twins season

The Minnesota Twins open the second half of the 2014 season at home Friday night against the Tampa Bay Rays. The game kicks off a critical 10-game home stand, that could determine whether or not the Twins are contenders or sellers at Major League Baseball's Trade Deadline.

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