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FAA investigating 2 separate, same-day plane accidents

The Federal Aviation Administration is looking into what led to two separate small plane incidents on the same day over the weekend – one near St. Cloud, and one in southwest Minnesota. Authorities say one of the crashes killed two brothers.

Beyond the scary headlines: Facts about Enterovirus D68

A number of media outlets were blaring scary headlines Monday about a virus that often targets children and is now being closely monitored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in a dozen states (Minnesota is not among them).

Minneapolis group files lawsuit to halt Southwest light rail

A Minneapolis group has filed a lawsuit to stop the Southwest light rail project from moving forward, citing environmental concerns. The Lakes and Parks Alliance of Minneapolis filed a federal lawsuit in Minnesota's U.S. District Court on Monday.

The United State of 'superfoods': Trendy lists useful or fad?

A lot has been made in the last few years about the much-ballyhooed "superfood." The latest click-baity headline comes from Huffington Post, which put together a new list of the healthiest so-called superfoods in the United States – fruits and vegetables with high levels of vitamins, protein, minerals, fiber and other nutrients touted by some to fight disease and possibly even help with longevity and weight loss.

Grand finale: Last supermoon of 2014 to appear Monday night

Get your cameras ready, the grand finale of supermoons will be Monday night. After two impressive supermoons this summer (July and August), the harvest moon will light up the night sky in the last installment of a trio of supermoons for the Northern Hemisphere this year.

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