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More fallout for Peterson, Vikings: Nike stops selling AP jerseys

More sponsors are examining their ties to Adrian Peterson, the Vikings and the NFL. The biggest move comes from Nike, which has pulled Adrian Peterson merchandise from its Twin Cities stores.

MNsure's largest insurer drops out of health exchange, leaves plan in flux

Golden Valley-based PreferredOne Health Insurance notified MNsure and state officials Tuesday the company will no longer sell coverage policies through MNsure.

Study sheds new light on what your brain is up to while you sleep

European researchers say a new study shows that what goes on in your brain when you sleep is far from quiet. The sleeping brain, they say, is able to complete complex tasks.

Minnesota soldiers return after 9-month deployment

More than 140 soldiers from the Minnesota National Guard’s 114th Transportation Company were met with tears and applause as they returned home from Afghanistan.

Minnesotan launches 'online country club' for the wealthy

The wealthy now have a safe haven to talk about a trip on a private jet or a new car “without the backlash” – a new social media website called the Netropolitan Club, which is headquartered in Minneapolis, launched Tuesday.

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