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Former St. Paul woman likely a victim of Indiana serial killer

Teaira Batey, 28, grew up in St. Paul and had been living in Gary, Indiana for about 10 years. She is believed to be one of at least seven victims of a suspected serial killer in Gary, Indiana.

Cyber security experts in Minneapolis as data breach concerns rise

The nation’s top cyber security experts are descending on Minneapolis this week after a year of high-profile data protection failures affecting millions of consumers.

Study: If you drink soda, you may be aging more quickly

The list of soda’s potential vices just got longer: A new study links drinking 20 ounces of the fizzy beverage daily to 4.6 years of cellular aging.

Minnesota's 'most unique' job? Meat packing

The employment landscape in a state can offer hints about its culture. What does it say about Minnesota? According to one new map, the meat industry is more prominent in Minnesota than in any other state.

Skate with the greats: Miracle on Ice fantasy camp planned

Fans of what Sports Illustrated called the “Top Sports Moment of the 20th Century” will be able to return to the scene of the triumph for a unique sports fantasy camp.

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