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The 5 at 5 you need to read


Minnesota senator questions new iPhone technology

A built-in fingerprint scanner on the newly-released iPhone 5S that allows users to unlock and access the phone is raising privacy concerns, Sen. Al Franken says.

Trevino's roommate takes the stand

Matthew Roff, who lived in the basement of the home of Jeff Trevino and Kira Steger, testified that he didn’t see or hear anything unusual the last day that Steger was seen alive.

Minneapolis mayor Rybak sets his sights on the governor’s office

As his third and final term as mayor of Minneapolis nears an end, R.T. Rybak hints at what’s ahead, including a possible gubernatorial bid. “It’s probably the only [political] job I would be interested in right now.”

Mankato woman's lost class ring found after 33 years

A Mankato woman has her high school class ring back 33 years after she lost it.

Bud Grant: I chose U of M over cash, car from Wisconsin

The legend of Bud Grant in the state of Minnesota seems to grow on a weekly basis.

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