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Metro Transit now offers free Wi-Fi on Northstar line

The Northstar Commuter Rail running from downtown Minneapolis to Big Lake now comes equipped with free Wi-Fi for riders.

Responsible texter rescues woman after she hits him head-on

Here's a rare story about a driver who actually pulled over to send a text. For his responsible deed, the 25-year-old was hit by another driver who struck his vehicle head-on. He then rescued her from a fiery fate, the Star Tribune reports.

Jogger finds body of woman who died in motorcycle crash

The body of a 51-year-old Minneapolis woman who had apparently crashed her motorcycle and died was found in Golden Valley by a jogger some hours later.

Even Adrian Peterson's daughter knows the Vikings shouldn't lose to Cleveland

Following a eye-opening, jaw dropping, befuddling 31-27 loss to the Browns, Vikings running back Adrian Peterson was spending some quality time with his family when his daughter Adeja noted her frustration.

Giving back: Twins could dole out two playoff spots in two nights

Detroit comes to town Monday and could claim a playoff berth.

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