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Minnesotans feel effects of federal government shutdown

After lawmakers in Washington failed to approve a temporary spending bill by their midnight deadline, the government went into shutdown mode Tuesday, putting thousands of federal employees in the state on indefinite furlough.

Body found near Lonsdale is that of missing U student Schunk

The body found Monday in a ditch near Lonsdale, Minn., is that of missing University of Minnesota student Anarae Schunk, investigators say.

Lawyers wrap in Trevino trial: 'Jealous rage' vs. flimsy forensics

The widely publicized murder trial of Jeffery Trevino, accused of killing his 30-year-old wife Kira Steger, is headed to the jury room. Opposing lawyers in their closing arguments painted very different portraits of the case.

Minnesota mom sues, says she was fired for appearing in Playboy

A 33-year-old mom from Kasson, Minn., is suing a former employer, alleging that she was fired because she appeared in a Playboy magazine pictorial.

Twins Wrap 2013: So, what about next year?

Our sports staff takes a hard look at next year and offers some tough love for the Twins: Here's what's gotta change.

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