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Minn. Supreme Court ruling could set new precedent for DWI cases

The Minnesota Supreme Court is expected to issue a decision Wednesday on whether police need a warrant to take blood, breath and urine tests of suspected drunk drivers.

Third bridal bandit suspect charged in wedding gift lift

A third and final suspect in the theft of cash wedding gifts last summer has been charged in Anoka County District Court.

Minnesota ski resort opens early

If Tuesday’s wind chill didn’t convince you, here’s another sign that winter is around the corner.

Man accused of killing pregnant wife claims fetus' death was abortion

The Apple Valley man accused of killing his wife who was 15 weeks pregnant in March is seeking a reduced charge less than a week before his trial is set to begin.

Josh Freeman will start again for Vikings

Josh Freeman is still the starting quarterback of the Minnesota Vikings, despite a disaster of a start Monday, coach Leslie Frazier announced at a press conference Tuesday afternoon.

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