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The 5 at 5 you need to read


Dayton says he'll support Sunday liquor sales if bill passes in 2014

Gov. Mark Dayton said he would sign a bill that would allow for Sunday liquor sales should the state Legislature pass a measure to lift the decades-old ban. Dayton said it doesn't make any sense for government to dictate which businesses can operate on certain days.

Forecasters; Minnesota to fall back into the deep freeze

Minnesota could see some of its coldest temperatures in years on Sunday and Monday during the final few days of 2013. Forecast lows on those mornings are expected to be between minus 15 and 17 below zero.

Lawmakers call for FTC to investigate Target; PIN data exposed in breach

Two East Coast lawmakers are calling for the Federal Trade Commission to investigate Target Corp. after a massive security breach compromised the debit and credit card information of 40 million customers. Target also has confirmed that encrypted PIN data was also compromised in the breach.

Former Minneapolis mayoral candidate, Mark Andrew, beaten at MOA

A former Minneapolis mayoral candidate was beaten outside a coffee shop at the Mall of America on Thursday night after a thief took off with his iPhone. Mark Andrew, 63, of south Minneapolis went after the thief and encountered two young women waiting outside who attacked him. The two women, one of them a teenager, were detained and face charges of assault with a deadly weapon and robbery.

Snooping or security: legislature wants to know

The privacy versus security debate consuming Washington D.C. will come to Minnesota in next year's legislative session. Lawmakers plan to ask law enforcement leaders about surveillance equipment they use. At issue are devices like the KingFish and StingRay which mimic local phone towers to capture data and location information of cellular phones in a given area.

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