The Humane Society wants your shredded paper to help rescued dogs

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Do you have left over documents from tax season laying around? The Animal Humane Society in Golden Valley wants you to shred it and donate it for use in its dog kennels.

The organization recently gained some new occupants when 48 yellow labradors were taken from an unlicensed breeding facility in Elmwood, Wisconsin.

The dogs belonged to 68-year-old Stuart Earl West, who was charged Tuesday with 117 misdemeanors, including intentionally providing improper animal shelter space, intentionally providing improper animal shelter ventilation and intentionally failing to provide food for an animal, the Brainerd Dispatch reports.

The labs at the puppy mill were found living in “small, filthy travel crates” with no access to food or water. Numerous dead animals were also found at the facility.

West pleaded not guilty to all charges at his initial hearing, according to the Pierce County Herald. Then Pierce County District Attorney Sean Froelich requested a $48,000 signature bond, symbolic of the 48 dogs removed from West's property.

The Animal Humane Society in Golden Valley received another 12 dogs on Wednesday from Tusla, Oklahoma, WCCO says. The dogs were shipped to Minnesota because there is a huge number of homeless and abandoned dogs in their area.

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