The best at wurst: Prescott grocer creates 152-foot brat

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Only in Wisconsin.

Over in Prescott -- you know, just across the river from Hastings -- it was labor of bratwurst love on this Labor Day.

According to KARE-TV, grocer Pat Ptacek, along with help from his dad, Mike, grilled a 152-foot bratwurst in the parking lot Tuesday.

About 75 people wearing gloves to roll it over on the grill were on hand to help.

Last year, the family claimed a world record by cranking out a 50-foot brat. This year, with the sponsorship of Budweiser (again, we're in Wisconsin -- beer is always a sub-plot), the Ptacek's decided to triple the old record -- and then some.

Best quote? Easy.

"I haven't slept in about three weeks worrying about that bun," said Mike.

KSTP-TV had some photos of the big brat -- and those big horses -- on its website.

According to their story, all the money raised from the event will help build a new public playground in Prescott.

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