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'The Body' returns? Jesse Ventura is talking about being VP, president – seriously


Could "The Body" be resurrected?

Jesse Ventura, the former one-term governor of Minnesota, has recently mentioned two high-profile political positions he'd be open to: Vice president and president.

In a wide-ranging interview with the Star Tribune, Ventura said he's considering running for president in 2016 after being invited to the Libertarian Party convention.

Those comments come not a month after he mentioned on his Internet show "Off the Grid" that he wouldn't be opposed to being the vice presidential candidate on a Donald Trump ticket, the Hill reported, asking former Trump adviser if the Donald would consider him for Veep.

He also told WCCO around the same time he'd give it "very serious consideration" if Trump asked, saying the country "needs to be shaken up."

And in July, Ventura dropped other hints when writing about how he thought it was "healthy" Bernie Sanders was making noise in the presidential race. He wished Sanders well, then wrapped the post with: "And if Bernie fails, maybe next year Jesse Ventura will pick up the gauntlet..."

He also hasn't ruled out another run for governor of Minnesota, he told the Star Tribune. But still, he said any type of run for office is "unlikely."

Yet, it's a lot of political noise for someone who has stayed out of that specific spotlight for awhile – though he certainly hasn't been a recluse.

He's got an Internet show called "Off the Grid," and of course there was the defamation suit against the estate of late Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle (which he won, but was appealed by Kyle's widow Taya Kyle).

If you want a reminder of Ventura's positions on many key issues, check out the rundown on the OnTheIssues website.

Also, FiveThirtyEight did a 10-minute documentary back in May on how Ventura was elected governor. You can click here to see it on the FiveThirtyEight site.

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