The chance you'll hit a deer with your car has gone up

It's an 8 percent increase over last year.

The chance of hitting a deer while you're driving in Minnesota is going up. 

1 out of every 74 drivers in Minnesota will hit a deer, State Farm insurance said in its annual deer claim study, which is based on insurance claim data between July 2016-June 2017. 

That's an 8 percent increase over last year, when 1 in 80 Minnesota drivers would hit one of these hoofed animals. 

This makes some sense, especially because the number of deer in Minnesota continues to go up

Deer-vehicle collisions in Minnesota

In 2015 – the most recent data available – there were 2,141 vehicle-deer collisions reported in Minnesota, resulting in six deaths and 345 injuries, the Minnesota Department of Public Safety's website shows.

The agency has a breakdown of the counties where these crashes happen the most. Dakota County comes in at No. 1 with 158 vehicle-deer collisions reported in 2015.

Hennepin and Stearns counties followed with 146 and 133 collisions, respectively.

How does Minnesota compare to other states?

Minnesota is considered a "high risk" state for hitting a deer, and comes in at No. 7 on State Farm's list of states where you're most likely to collide with one. 

And be careful if you've got any Midwest road trips planned. Iowa is No. 4 on the list, Wisconsin is No. 5, South Dakota is No. 6, and North Dakota is No. 10. 

Here's a map that shows the chance of hitting a deer in each state.

The insurance company has released this study every fall for the last 15 years to remind drivers to stay alert. State Farm releases it in the fall because the likelihood of colliding with a large animal "more than doubles" during deer mating season (October-December).

And these crashes will cost you. State Farm says the average cost per insurance claim from July 2016-June 2017 was $4,179, an increase of nearly $200 from the year before.

For tips to help avoid hitting a deer, click here. And for information on what to do if you end up hitting one, click here. 

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