The Chatter stops in St. Paul: Chatterbox Pub closes


After a decade in St. Paul, the owners of the Chatterbox Pub have closed their doors in the Highland Park neighborhood to focus on their two Minneapolis locations.

The Chatterbox is known for its wide selection of video and board games, trivia contests, and karaoke as well as food and drinks.

Steve and Andrea Miller – the manager and owner, respectively – announced the decision in a Facebook post, saying the St. Paul closing should give them more time for their four children, as well as their two other restaurants.

The St. Paul location was the largest of the three Chatterboxes, the Pioneer Press reports, and Steve Miller tells the newspaper keeping it open would only have been possible with a partner. He says the couple made attempts to find one but ran out of time.

Miller notes in his Facebook post that the Chatterbox had been named "Best Place for a First Date." One of the commenters wrote that less than a year after their first date at the Chatterbox her now-husband proposed to her there, with the ring inside a Jenga box.

The Business Journal reported last fall that Andrea Miller ran the two Chatterbox Pubs in Minneapolis through a separate corporation than the St. Paul one, and said the Minneapolis company had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

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