The coldest place in the country? It's 40 below zero in Embarrass and Cotton


Yesterday was cold, stupidly cold, and today is even colder.

Minnesota is experiencing its coldest weather of the winter, with the average temperature across the state as of 7 a.m. standing at 17 below, with the northern reaches bearing the brunt of the freeze. 

Then there's the worst spots. In Embarrass, the Thursday morning low was negative 41 degrees. And in Cotton, a minus 42 degree reading was reported.

People living in Crane Lake thought they had it bad Wednesday, when at minus 33 it was the coldest place in the United States, but Thursday is even worse, with air temps – that's right, air, not wind chill – dipping to a ridiculous 36 below.

The Twin Cities is slightly better off, but at 10 below this morning the National Weather Service says it's the coldest it's been since Jan. 13.

The Star Tribune notes that people in Bemidji and Brainerd meanwhile are dealing with temperatures of 29 and 28 below respectively.

For the warmest part of the state, head to the southwest, where temps this morning are a balmy 4 below.

This latest cold snap is likely to continue into the weekend, with slightly warmer temperatures Friday bringing some snow to the Twin Cities, before it plunges again to highs of 10 to 20 above on Saturday, and 5 below to 5 above on Sunday.

The weather service said lows on Sunday and Monday could be anything from 5 below to 15 below.

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