The Como Zoo wants your help naming its new baby orangutan

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A baby orangutan became the newest addition to Como Zoo earlier this month – and now the zoo wants help naming her.

The orangutan has returned to the zoo after spending time at the University of Minnesota Veterinary Medical Center following her birth via Caesarean section on Jan. 7 by her mother Markisa, a spokesperson said.

Now the bundle of joy needs a name, and the zoo is giving people the chance to choose it by donating on its website, with voters allowed to choose how much they want to donate themselves.

You can't suggest your own name though – so we won't end up with something amusingly normal like Helen, or Martha, or Andrea.

But the zoo has come up with three options from south and southeast Asia, which are:

  • Aanjay (pronounced On-jay), which means "unconquerable".
  • Cinta (pronounced Chin-tah), which means "love".
  • And Kemala (pronounced Key-mala), meaning "magic stone".

You can vote for your favorite and donate to the zoo right here.

The zoo will be announcing the winning name at the end of a three-day baby shower it is holding for the orangutan over President's Day weekend, Feb. 14-16.

But the winning name won't be the one picked the most times – it will be the name that had the largest amount donated.

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