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The dark side of Super Bowl LII: Craigslist ads ask for topless women to serve wealthy clients

Police trafficking teams are investigating after GoMN came across several ads that raised immediate red flags.

An out-of-town CEO looking for bikini models to show him around town; a request for women who are "comfortable topless" to entertain wealthy clients; and a call for women who "keep their mouths shut" to go on dates to the "most expensive hotels and restaurants."

A series of ads posted on Craigslist is revealing the dark side of Super Bowl LII, looking for women to serve the desires of wealthy clients in town for the big game.

GoMN has come across several ads in the Gigs>Talent section of Craigslist for Hennepin County, one of which asks for women who are "comfortable topless" to work at one of the many exclusive parties expected to be held in the Twin Cities ahead of Feb. 4.

Another, from a company calling itself "Discreeta Staffing," warns prospective workers that "we keep our mouths shut. So do you."

Some of the ads raised immediate red flags with the Minneapolis Police Department, whose human trafficking team is now investigating.

"We, the MPD and our law enforcement partners, take all referrals such as these seriously and investigate them appropriately," MPD spokesman John Elder said.

The Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual Assault's (MNCASA) initial response to seeing the ads was "Good grief!" before its public and legal affairs officer Caroline Palmer told GoMN they contain some serious warning signs.

"It seems to me they're definitely setting up an exploitation situation: they're offering a lot of money, they're offering access to wealthy people and portraying it as this great opportunity," she said. 

"They're also asking for photos which makes me wonder how they are going to be used – all of it is a big red flag and I imagine it's just the tip of the iceberg for the Super Bowl."

There remains a debate over the idea that the Super Bowl period is also the "Super Bowl for Sex Trafficking," with U of M researcher Lauren Martin telling KARE 11 that claims to this effect are often exaggerated.

But what is agreed by Minneapolis police is that the influx of visitors around Super Bowl time naturally increases the number of people willing to pay for sex and exploit victims of prostitution.

"Very scary things can happen in these kinds of situations," Palmer added. "It could be as simple as they're not paid the money they're promised, or they could be put in a situation where they're raped, the pictures taken of them are published elsewhere without their permission, or they could even be held against their will, drugged and taken places."

"We want people to be careful – if it looks too good to be true it probably is," Palmer said.

What the ads say

The Craigslist Gigs>Talent section is commonly filled with unsavory personal ads looking for porn actors and nude models, but several have popped up over the past couple of months mentioning the Super Bowl specifically.

The following is the ad from Discreeta, which claims to be Dallas-based but provides a local number, which features a line that is borderline threatening.

"We don't exist on paper and you are on a need to know basis," it says. "That's how and why we are successful: we keep our mouths shut. So do you."

It also reveals it's offering $250 an hour "per date" with a 3-hour minimum for women who will "only be going to the most expensive hotels and restaurants."

Meanwhile. women interested in this other job are asked to be "comfortable topless" as they serve wealthy clients in town for the game.

This one is purportedly posted on behalf of a "CEO from Las Vegas" who is looking for bikini models to show him around town. We spotted this post on Monday but it has since been removed.

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