The eagle has (crash) landed ... on a boat being towed on interstate


Perhaps this raptor wasn't as eagle-eyed as its reputation suggests.

Scott and Marilyn Kregness of Tower, Minnesota, say they were towing a fire boat from Florida, tightly cocooned in white shrink wrap, along Interstate 94 near Menomonie when a bald eagle swooped in low over the front of their truck, the Chippewa Herald reports.

In a flash, the bird was gone – but a big hole in the wrap appeared, the newspaper reports. There was no blood, nor feathers, so the couple figured maybe it bounced off, and they continued on their way. But they later found an angry bird in their boat.

“We do a lot of traveling, and I’ve never had anything like this,” Scott Kregness told the Chippewa Herald.

He said he can only figure that the wrap softened the blow, and remarkably the bird appears to have survived without major injury. After a bit of calling around, an officer with the Wildlife Rehabilitation and Release, Inc., in Colfax, came to get the wayward raptor. The plan was to release it into the wild or, if it was not healthy enough, take it to the Raptor Center at the University of Minnesota.

Scott and Marilyn continued their trip to Breitung, Minnesota, where Scott planned to suggest that the fire department name its new vessel "Eagle One," the Herald reports.

A number of eagles have flown into the headlines this spring – one for adopting a duck egg. A DNR EagleCam is keeping watch as several eaglets prepare to fly.

And in March, Twitter flew to the rescue of two eagles that tangled talons and crashed to the ground in Shakopee.

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