The 'emoji gender gap': New emojis for this year include more women

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A bunch of new emojis are being released this year to help close the "emoji gender gap."

The Emojipedia blog said Friday that Unicode will be adding 88 new emojis, in addition to the 72 new emojis (including the avocado and facepalm) that were announced at the end of June.

Among the new emojis will be 11 new professional emojis aimed at better representing women in the workforce. Among them: a singer, computer engineer, teacher, chef and farmer, TIME said.

Plus, the new set of emojis will include female and male versions of already existing emojis, Emojipedia reports. For example, there will be a female police officer and a male version of "woman with bunny ears."

The move to add more professional emojis for women comes after a push from Google and others. Google announced the agreement with Unicode to add the emojis on its blog last week.

Most people should see the new emojis available on their phones by the end of the year, Emojipedia saysHere's a list of all the Unicode-approved emojis that have been – or will be – released.

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