The frozen pants phenomenon has gone international


The frozen pants phenomenon that captured the imagination of northeast Minneapolis residents is spreading, inspiring others across the world.

Tom Grotting's playful pranks started off in northeast Minneapolis, where he would leaving frozen pants in standing positions around the community, as well as outside his office downtown.

His pictures proved popular on the "I Love NE Minneapolis" Facebook group and came in for wider interest earlier this week, as it was covered at first by Twin Cities media and then picked up by national and international outlets.

Newspaper and TV stations in Canada, Europe and South America are among those who have featured Minnesota's response to freezing weather – which is now the latest winter "trend."

The Star Tribune reported how some were a little bit freaked out by the pictures, with Esquire magazine saying: "We already get it: It’s cold outside. We don’t need these pants to once again point that out. Please stop with the creepy frozen ghost pants."

The Huffington Post was another referring to them as "creepy frozen pants" while others on social media have referred to them as "weird" and "bizarre," the newspaper notes.

USA Today on the other hand, said they're this winter's "coolest new lawn ornaments," and many others have been inspired to make their own creations.

On Twitter, the frozen pants phenomenon has left Minneapolis and traveled at least to Ohio, Canada, Germany and Russia. Here's a look at some of them:

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