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The future of grocery shopping? Amazon opens store with 'no lines, no checkout'

Amazon's new grocery store concept could be a "game-changer," and spell the end for cashiers.
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Imagine a grocery store where you can just pick up your food, then walk out.

That's the reality Amazon is trying to create with its first-ever grocery store, which it has opened as a test case for its employees only in Seattle.

This isn't great if you're not a fan of Amazon's plans for world retail domination, but if you're a fan of shopping convenience it sounds pretty great.

So how does it work? The online retail giant released the below video about its new store concept on Monday, which it sums up as "No lines, no checkout."

Shoppers initially check into the store by scanning a barcode via the Amazon Go app.

From then on, they can put their phones back in their pockets and shop away, with Amazon's sensors – similar to those used in self-driving cars – tracking users as they make their way around the store and register everything they pick up.

Once they're finished, the shopper can simply walk out and they pay automatically through their Amazon account.

In-store, there is a selection of freshly-made, "ready-to-eat" breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options, and grocery essentials "from staples like bread and milk to artisan cheeses and locally-made chocolates," with well-known brands also found on the shelves.

The end of cashiers?

The store is expected to open to the public in Seattle early next year, and the Guardian reports, citing leaked internal document, that Amazon could be planning to open 2,000 of the stores across the country.

Forbes says Amazon's move into bricks-and-mortar retailing, which follows the roll-out of AmazonFresh food deliveries in certain U.S. cities, could be a "game changer" for the food retail industry.

Going forward, the technology could be applied to a whole manner of stores, whether it be clothing, electronics, home goods etc., and could be even more attractive to retailers than it is to shoppers, as it could save them money on labor costs.

The downside, then, could be for the millions of Americans employed in grocery and other stores, as this tweeter points out.

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