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North Minneapolis youth release new rap song about healthy eating

The Beats and Rhymes crew trade Takis for broccoli on their catchy new track.

North Minneapolis' Appetite for Change Youth have responded to the viral hit "Hot Cheetos and Takis"  with "Grow Food."

Their recent hit has garnered over 4,000 YouTube views, directed by Chancellor tha Beast, and counting and was made in collaboration with local nonprofit Appetite For Change. AFC's mission is to provide tools to create a healthier community in North Minneapolis through cooking workshops and organized efforts toward food justice.

The song follows the kids as they turn down unhealthy food options in the cafeteria and head out to a community garden to begin the preparation of more nutritious options. The overall message encourages the listener to grow their own food, especially if it seems near-impossible to access healthier options where they live.

"See in my hood there ain't really much to eat. Popeyes on the corner, McDonald's right across the street."

The first verse cuts straight to the chase. Unfortunately, in many neighborhoods across America (including North Minneapolis), insubstantial food options are more plentiful and accessible than healthy ones. As the verse goes on, the lyrics touch on the perception that gun violence and drugs are the only serious issues in low-income neighborhoods. As the Beats and Rhymes emcees know, cheap, processed food can also be deadly further down the road.

There are also catchy, light-hearted lines like, "Screaming Hot Cheetos and Takis, but you better eat your broccoli." This lyric pays homage to the Beats and Rhymes crew's hit of a couple years ago, which then led to a whole string of professionally produced, kid-friendly bangers, including "My Bike" and "Khaki Pants."

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