The Icemen cometh: A tale of two cities' igloos


The cold temperatures have spurred the creation of two igloos in northern cities--one for fun, the other for a project to draw attention to those without warm beds.

WDAY in Fargo-Moorhead has been following two Fargo families who got together to build a backyard igloo, produced with more than 1,000 milk-carton ice bricks. The chilly project was completed on Saturday night. The multi-colored ice house is large enough for an adult to stand inside, and sturdy enough to support the weight of an adult on the roof. Dads Warren Christensen and Matt Brunsvold built the igloo with their sons as a winter project; they say they plan to brave an night camping in the structure.

Meanwhile, a Minnesota teen who has been sleeping outside every night since last June got to mix it up by slumbering in an ice house. WDIO in Duluth reported that 17-year-old Rudy Hummel (pictured) has been sleeping in a snow cave in his Hermantown yard for 231 consecutive nights. On Saturday night, though, he slept in an ice house that Habitat for Humanity volunteers built for him in the Fitger's courtyard in Duluth. (pictured below)

Fitger's, a historic inn in the city, put a picture of the ice house on the Fitger's Facebook page.

Hummel is sleeping out every night for a year to raise money for Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory and Habitat for Humanity.

"I'm seeing if I can get people to pledge money for every night that I sleep outside," he told the Northland's News Center. "Sleeping outside every night has really opened my eyes to the people who have to sleep outside every night whether they want to or not."

Hummel says the ice house is chillier than the quinzhee, or snow cave, that he built in his back yard. "This is going to be a bit of a challenge because there is no door just a doorway. We are going to hang some heavy blankets over it." said the teen.

Hummel blogs and accepts donations at

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