The iPhone's Gmail app won't suck compared to Android anymore

The Gmail app on your iPhone just got way better.
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Pretty much everyone has a Gmail account.

And it seems like almost as many people have iPhones or iPads.

But the Gmail app for iOS hasn't been quite as spiffy as the Android version. Or as The Verge put it:

"The Gmail app for the iPhone is a bad joke made up of bad ideas concocted in a bad web browser during the bad times of 2011. It's completely useless without a web connection, I can't swipe to delete messages, and its animations make me wish that it didn't have any animations."

(They argued Microsoft Outlook was a better option for iPhone users.)

That's no longer the case.

Google Monday released a huge update to its Gmail (and Google Calendar) apps on iOS, the first major one in more than four years. What comes with this update?

  • Swipe to delete or archive emails, which had been absent on iOS.
  • An undo send option – a short window to save yourself from those mistake emails.
  • An overhauled search function.
  • And a way cleaner, more modern look.

All these changes mean the iOS version is now "basically indistinguishable" from the Android version now, Engadget writes. And it makes sense Android would have gotten updates sooner – the operating system was developed by Google.

Google Calendar also gets some improvements for iOS. Check those out here.

Both were released Monday, so update your phone's apps and you should see the changes.

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