The last gasps of fall: Colors past their peak in nearly all of Minnesota

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It's over, people ... well, almost over.

Trees in all but a slither of Minnesota have passed "peak fall color," according to the Department of Natural Resources, making this weekend pretty much the last chance to see them at their most vibrant.

St. Paul, Rochester and a stretch along the Mississippi River in the southeast of Minnesota are the only places left that are currently in "peak color."

As a result, the choice of state parks in which to enjoy them has dwindled.

MPR has picked Afton State Park, Forestville/Mystery Cave State Park and Whitewater State Park as its three top spots to enjoy the last gasps of fall this weekend.

Other parks within the "peak color" range, according to the DNR, include Carley, John A. Latsch, and Frontenac state parks.

Elsewhere, fall colors has been dampened down by the heavy rain that swept through Minnesota on Friday and continued into Saturday morning.

But things should brighten up for the rest of the weekend, with the National Weather Service Twin Cities saying Saturday afternoon will be mostly sunny.

On Sunday, it is expected to be "partly sunny" with highs in the mid 40s in the north of the state, and the low 60s in the south.

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