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The latest in Milwaukee: After another violent night, teens get strict curfew


Teenagers in Milwaukee are facing a strict 10 p.m. curfew after two nights of demonstrations – some of it violent and destructive – over a fatal police shooting.

Sylville Smith, 23 years old, was shot and killed by a Milwaukee police officer Saturday afternoon after authorities said he fled a traffic stop.

Police have said Smith was armed at the time – a handgun found at the scene was stolen from Waukesha in March, and the victim of that theft said 500 rounds of ammunition was missing as well, police said.

An autopsy Monday showed Smith was struck in the chest and arm, Fox News reports.

The shooting led to a night of unrest in the Sherman Park neighborhood, including fires at several local businesses and reports of shots fired.

More violence into Monday

That continued Sunday night into Monday, with police in riot gear responding to protesters who threw rocks and other debris.

In addition, an 18-year-old was shot around 11p.m. and suffered a serious injury, police said. An independent journalist named Tim Pool says he got footage of the victim being extricated from the scene by police.

Pool has more videos from Periscope on his Twitter feed.

Curfew will be enforced

All this has led to a strict enforcement of a 10 p.m. curfew for teens in the city, FOX 6 reports.

"This is not the place where you go to gawk. It is not the place to go to take pictures. It is not the place to go to drive your car around right now," Mayor Tom Barrett said, according to the station.

Gov. Scott Walker has already activated the Wisconsin National Guard in case their assistance is needed. And 26 members of the Wisconsin State Patrol were brought in to help local law enforcement.

More on the shooting

According to CNN, Barrett has said police body camera footage shows Smith holding a gun when officers encountered him. He then refused to put it down after officers directed him to, CNN says.

Smith is always described by police (and the Journal Sentinel) as having a lengthy arrest record

The officer who fired was not named by the Milwaukee Police Department, but listed as a 24-year-old male with six years of service. He was not injured, and is on standard administrative leave. FOX 6 said the officer is also black.

Demonstrations are 'bigger than any one incident'

Syreeta McFadden, a writer with the Guardian, published a piece Monday about Milwaukee – her hometown – and the longstanding racial disparities (such as high poverty rate) that have been simmering for decades.

"The shooting may have been the catalyst for the protest and property damage, but as any native black Milwaukeean can tell you, what’s happened here is bigger than any one incident."

The Washington Post says 591 people have been shot and killed by police in 2016. Smith was the 16th such incident in Wisconsin.

Last year, a total of 990 people were fatally shot by police in the U.S., according to the Post.

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