Light rail will bring 'riffraff' and 'trash' from 'Welfare-apolis,' guy running for mayor in Hopkins says

He's running for mayor of Hopkins.
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A mayoral candidate doesn't want a light rail extension to be built into the western Twin Cities suburbs because it's "going to bring riffraff and trash from Minneapolis." 

Bob Ivers is running to be the next mayor of Hopkins, hoping to beat out incumbent Mayor Molly Cummings in the Nov. 7 election. 

And during a League of Women Voters candidate forum on Monday, Ivers called minorities "coloreds" and "ethnics" in his effort to explain why he doesn't want the Southwest Light Rail line to go through Hopkins. 

Here's an edited video clip of Ivers' thoughts during the forum (to watch the entire forum – unedited – click here):

The Southwest Light Rail line will be an extension of the Metro Transit's Green Line, and connect downtown Minneapolis to Eden Prairie – cutting through Hopkins on its way. The light rail line has been a hotly contested issue for years for reasons that range from funding to where the tracks will go. 

But this seems to be a first in which a local politician doesn't want the train because it'll bring the "Chicago and Detroit riffraff that have moved into Welfare-apolis" into Hopkins, as Ivers said during Monday's forum. 

Ivers – while pointing to people in the room – said the Minneapolis visitors are "going to end up with yours, and yours, and yours, granddaughters and daughters and grandsons."

"And I predict within two months" of the train coming to Hopkins "there's going to be a shooting at that station [The Depot and Coffee House]," Ivers said. 

He continued: "So everybody, hide your kids and lock your doors because here it comes. That's my feeling on the light rail. Period." 

During the forum, Ivers said the population of Hopkins is 90 percent white. However Minnesota Compass' website shows about 55 percent of the city's population is white. 

Meanwhile, 19.7 percent of the people living in Hopkins consider themselves black, 11.5 percent consider themselves Hispanic or Latino, and 8.4 percent are Asian or Pacific Islander. 

Ivers has been getting a lot of heat online for his comments since the YouTube video of the forum was posted Tuesday.

Mayor Cummings called Ivers' remarks "outrageous, unfortunate and ... frightening," according to the Star Tribune. Ivers most recently ran against Cummings in the 2015 election. Cummings won with 80.46 percent of the vote, while Ivers earned 6.87 percent.

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