The man who created the Big Mac has died

The fast food world thanks you, Michael "Jim" Delligatti.

The fast food world thanks you, Michael "Jim" Delligatti.

Delligatti, who invented the Big Mac, has died, McDonald's confirmed on Twitter. He was 98.

He was a McDonald's franchisee who decided to spice up the fast food chain's then-limited menu a little bit, NPR reports. He took two burger patties, added cheese, lettuce, onion and pickles, and topped it all off with special sauce.

Delligatti started serving Big Macs at the Pittsburgh-area McDonald's he owned in 1967, but the now-infamous burger wasn't added to McDonald's menus nationally until the next year NPR says. The fast food chain rejected the idea initially because its menu options were doing so well, USA Today reports.

The Wall Street Journal looks at the history of the Big Mac in a video. Watch it below.

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