The MLB agreed on a new CBA – here’s what it means

There will be significant changes to the MLB season going forward.
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The MLB and MLBPA agreed on a five-year collective bargaining agreement this week – meaning there wont be any chances of a lockout until at least 2022.

However there will be significant changes to the MLB season going forward.

1. All-Star game and home-field advantage

Perhaps the biggest change is that the winner of the MLB All-Star Game will no longer receive home-field advantage in the World Series.

Now the team with the better record will receive the home-field advantage.

2. No more 15-day disabled list

The 15-day disabled list has been downgraded to 10-days instead, meaning players can come off the list and rejoin the active roster.

3. Luxury tax will increase every year

Teams that have a high payroll will have to be careful with where they spend their money or they'll be penalized. Here are the luxury tax thresholds for the next five seasons:

If a team goes past the threshold, they'll pay a 20% tax on the first offense, 30% for the second and 50% for a third.

4. Chewing tobacco ban

The language of this one is tricky but basically rookies can't chew but current players still can. So the rule will only affect players coming into the league.

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