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The MN Twins are all ready for Beyonce's baby shower

Only one problem ... Jay Z's a Yankees fan.

Everybody, including a Minnesota sports team, is congratulating Beyonce on her big news: she's having twins!

The Queen B made the announcement Wednesday on Instagram. In just 24 hours, 8.5 million people had liked her post, and more than 400,000 people congratulated her – even the Minnesota Twins. (Of course, it just makes sense.)

The baseball team tweeted out Thursday saying they heard the good news and are wondering where to send some custom Twins swag.

There's gear for the whole family. Papa Jay Z gets a jersey that says "Jay," and Beyonce's says "Bey." Then there are matching Twins onesies for the new babies. And the Twins didn't leave out the power couple's 5-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy. She gets a smaller jersey with her name printed on the back, too.

Now the Carters just have to get back to the team so the Twins know where to send them.

Then only time will tell if Jay Z – a reported Yankees fan – will let his kids wear the Minnesota garb.

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