The Monopoly token purge: 3 new tokens will replace 3 classics

Pretty soon we'll just have 8 brand new Monopoly tokens.

Apparently, kicking out the thimble wasn't enough.

Monopoly announced Friday that two more classic tokens – the wheelbarrow and the boot – are being discarded from the game.

In place of the three tokens that are leaving will be a rubber duck, a penguin, and a Tyrannosaurus rex.

Here's what the token set will look like starting in late 2017:

Hasbro, which owns Monopoly, determined which pieces would go via an online vote. They did this in 2013 too – the old iron was kicked out, with a cat brought in to replace it.

Monopoly in Facebook comments said they're "sad to see the Thimble, Boot, and Wheelbarrow tokens go too, but excited for the next generation of fan-picked tokens." The account also added there will be classic editions available.

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