The most-Googled brand name in Minnesota ...

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The finance company Direct Capital recently analyzed Google Trends' per capita search data for some of the top 200 consumer brands and found the most-searched company in each state, Huffington Post reports.

Not surprisingly, many of the most-Googled brands in each state have headquarters in that state. So what the map comes up with for Minnesota is no shocker: Minneapolis-based retailer Target.

But it is interesting to scan the other 49 states. Some themes ...

Party states: New Mexico (Patron), Arizona (Jose Cuervo), Delaware (Grand Marnier), Wisconsin (Pabst Blue Ribbon), Massachusetts (Sam Adams), Missouri (Anheuser Busch).

Techy states: Maine (Amazon), Oregon (Google), Washington (Microsoft), California (Yahoo!), Utah (Adobe), Idaho (HP), Vermont (IBM), Alabama (eBay).

Auto zones: Montana (Dodge), North Dakota (Chevrolet), Michigan (Ford), New Hampshire (Volvo), Nevada (Ferrari).

Fast foodies: Kentucky (Kentucky Fried Chicken), Illinois (McDonald's)

Chatty states: Louisiana (AT&T), Rhode Island (Verizon)

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