The most popular baby names in MN last year


Henry usurped William to become the most popular baby boy name in Minnesota in 2014 – while Olivia remained at the top of the girls chart.

Social Security card data released by the Government on Friday shows there were 352 Henrys and 362 Olivias registered in the state last year.

Henry pushed past last year's most popular name, William, which is second in this year's list with 352 registrations. Liam is in third with 327.

Olivia, which was the most popular girls name last year, as well as 2011 and 2009, came in ahead of Emma (352) and Evelyn (298).

MPR notes the most popular name for boys born in 2014 across the U.S. was Noah, which was ninth in Minnesota, and Emma for girls.

Henry was well down at 33rd nationally but has been rising steadily in recent years, with MPR suggesting Minnesota could just be "ahead of the curve."

You can find a full list of the top 102 boy and girl names in Minnesota last year and in previous years here.

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