The Muppets' Swedish Chef cooks up kids' recipes for General Mills

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General Mills is enlisting the help of a famous chef to provide some fun recipes for kids.

No, it's not Minnesota's own Andrew Zimmern; nor is it Gordon Ramsay (probably a good thing, considering his penchant for swearing).

Instead, it's an individual who uses a curious language of his own: The Swedish Chef.

The General Mills blog says the brand teamed up with the chef in advance of the new film "Muppets Most Wanted," which comes out March 21. The Golden Valley-based company says its teams worked with the mustachioed Muppet to create three recipes using Go-GURT (Fruity Love Parfaits, “The Chipper” Bento Box, and Fruit Tapas with Dip), and three recipes using Cheerios (Crown of Fruity Jewels, Breakfast Rounds Tea Cakes, and Mini German Pancake Puffs with Cinnamon Apples).

General Mills posted the six different recipes on its Betty Crocker website. Each one has its own video, where the Swedish Chef introduces the recipe (subtitles included, for those who don't speak his particular dialect of Swedish).

The Pioneer Press notes General Mills has often used fun pitchmen, stretching back to Rocky and Bullwinkle.

"We wanted to have some fun with them, and with our brands," General Mills spokesman Mike Siemienas told the paper of the company's Muppets partnership.

It's also a pretty apt choice for the Minnesota company, considering the percentage of Swedes in the state.

Some transportation issues have impacted General Mills recently. Canadian grain farmers are reportedly a month behind on their grain shipments, raising the company's cost to produce Cheerios. There was speculation there could even be a shortage.

And more recently, the company that supplies some ingredients to General Mills (among others) has had to cut back on shipments because of a bottleneck on railways. American Crystal Sugar is now using trucks, a more expensive option than trains.

If you've never seen the Swedish Chef show off his talents in the kitchen, here's a quick taste of him going up against the vaunted Chef Ramsay (who recently filmed an episode of "Hotel Hell" in southwest Minnesota).

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