The MyPillow guy is a Trump supporter

The man famous for making the 'best pillow you've ever owned' wants the Donald for president.
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A familiar face in Minnesota has come out in support of Trump.

Recognize this guy?

That's Mike Lindell, a Minnesota businessman and the inventor and CEO of MyPillow.

And he's endorsing Donald Trump for president.

Lindell will make a speech at the Trump rally in Washington D.C. on Sunday, where 10,000 people are expected to show up.

Apparently Lindell had a private meeting with Trump and "realized he is not the person many people think he is," a spokesperson for Lindell told GoMN.

They added that he thinks we should be talking about Trump's success as a businessman and what he will do for the economy and "our inner cities."

In an interview earlier this summer at the Republican National Convention, Lindell said he has an entrepreneur brand company and wants to "keep it that way rather than government get involved in so many things."

Other Minnesotans for Trump

Through September, Minnesotans have donated almost $840,000 to Donald Trump, according to Minneapolis/St.Paul Business Journal.

They published a slideshow of Trump's top campaign contributors in the state.

People are finding out about Lindell's love for Trump

Here's what they're saying on social media:

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