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The MyPillow guy is really freaking out drivers

Cutouts of Mike Lindell have been seen peering out windows.

Beware if you're driving through Shakopee. The MyPillow guy might be watching you.

He's been seen peering out windows and it's really freaking drivers out. 

Before we go any further, let's explain that it's not actually Mike Lindell staring people down. It's just a bunch of cutouts of him that someone's been strategically placing in windows to make people uncomfortable. 

And it's working. 

And apparently there are more than one.

"3 windows, 3 Mike Lindells. Jarring," Bartolo Kellon added. 

So if you're easily startled, you might want to avoid the Shakopee area near the Scott County Courthouse. That's about where Kellon said she's been seeing this.

Others on the internet have confirmed they've also encountered this strange spook house. 

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