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The new Zelda Fitzgerald show Z: The Beginning of Everything is out

The show tells the story of Zelda Fitzgerald, wife of Minnesota-born author F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Z: The Beginning of Everything – a series that charts the life of Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald during the 1920s – is available on Amazon Prime now.

It stars Christina Ricci as Zelda Fitzgerald, an Alabama native turned socialite and novelist who was dubbed the “first American flapper” (which is an old-timey term for young, stylish, urban women who liked to go out and do things).

She is described by PBS as a “freethinking woman with the world at her disposal.”

She met the St. Paul-born F. Scott in Montgomery, Alabama, after he joined the army and was stationed there starting in 1918. They married in 1920, and that's about when the series picks up; with the two moving to New York City and becoming embroiled in the celebrity life.

The first season of Z: The Beginning of Everything is 10 episodes – all of them are available now, and come in under 30 minutes apiece.

Early reviews have been sort of mixed. Just about everyone notes Ricci's performance as standing out (though not everyone agrees it's in a good way), while overall critics say the story can be a bit repetitive and flat.

Watch the series here on Amazon Prime Video. Amazon also made the first episode available for free on YouTube.

What about their time in the Twin Cities?

The real-life Zelda and F. Scott spent about a year in New York before moving to the Twin Cities in 1921, where they had their first child. They originally stayed in a White Bear Lake cottage, jumped to the Commodore Hotel in St. Paul, then moved into F. Scott's family home, the Fitzgerald in St. Paul organization says.

Minor spoilers for the season one storyline: It doesn't look like we'll get to see their time as a family in Minnesota yet.

Summaries of later episodes indicate the couple moving to Westport, New York. In real life, they stayed there for about six months in 1920 (and as mentioned above, they didn't move to Minnesota until '21).

So maybe if there's a season two, it'll swing over to the Twin Cities.

Their time together was wracked with drinking, mutual infidelity and jealousy, according to MentalFloss. She spent some of her later years in a sanatorium having been diagnosed with schizophrenia, though more recent studies of the circumstances around her condition suggest she is more likely to have been bipolar, NPR notes.

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