The NFL is changing up its month-long cancer awareness drive

Teams can choose their own cancer to support beginning next fall.

For the past seven years, the NFL has devoted the month of October to breast cancer awareness, but this will change starting next year.

Beginning next fall, teams can choose their own cancer causes to support, meaning they can still support breast cancer if they want to.

So whether it's brain cancer, colon cancer, throat cancer or any other, the team can choose to support it. They can also support more than one cause and are able to change their choices from season to season.

According to Monday Morning Quarterback, campaigns are focused on preventing and detecting cancer through education and screening, rather than just giving funds to cancer research.

Since 2009 the league has raised over $15 million for the American Cancer Society through the sales of pink merchandise, game-worn equipment and contributions from league corporate partners.

Meanwhile, last March a handful of Viking players went hunting to raise money for cancer research.

The NFL will also be launching a free digital tool in Aug. 2017 that will allow people to enter basic information about themselves to see if they need screenings

According to, about 1.6 million new cancer cases will be diagnosed in 2016 and nearly 600,000 people will die from cancer this year.

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