The one that got away: State Fair police seek fish-pond swimmer

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The fish pond at the State Fair is stocked with 45 native species to the state – from walleye and pike to sunfish and bass. But wait – there’s a guy in a Wisconsin Badger shirt?

For the second time this year, someone has leapt into the pond, a no-no even considering the record-setting heat, the Pioneer Press reports. The newspaper has a short video clip of one offender, changing out of the Badger shirt and then flipping into the 4-foot pool. He promptly climbed out.

"It's not designed for human swimming. It's for the fish," DNR spokesman Steve Carroll told the newspaper.

A reporter tipped police to the video of the bathing Badger that had surfaced on the image-sharing social media service Instagram. Police are investigating, the Pioneer Press reports.

It happened Friday night, too, around midnight. "The report says, 'followed a wet set of footprints leading to the suspect,'" police spokeswoman Brooke Blakey told the Pioneer Press.

You can watch the fish swim live on the Department of Natural Resources’ fish cam – maybe you’ll catch a glimpse of another invasive species.

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