The opening of Paisley Park could be delayed after city tables rezoning decision

If you were planning to visit Paisley Park on Thursday, you might not be able to.

Update: A lot happened Tuesday that changes things a bit. Read the updated story here.

The original story about Monday night's decision is below.

If you were planning to visit Paisley Park on Thursday, you might not be able to.

The Chanhassen City Council voted 3-2 Monday to table making a decision on rezoning that would allow Prince's studio to become a museum, the Chanhassen Villager reports.

And this, according to the Star Tribune, is "certain to delay" the planned Oct. 6 opening of Paisley Park to the public.

Tickets for tours have already been sold, but it's not clear what will happen next. Bremer Trust – the group overseeing Prince's estate – hired Graceland Holdings Inc. turn Paisley Park into a museum, and MPR News reports Graceland's managing partner Joel Weinshanker declined to comment after the city council's vote Monday.

Paisley Park did send an email to ticket holders Monday night saying it would email them "very soon" with updates, according to a tweet from WCCO's Jason DeRusha.

Traffic a concern

Overall, the city officials and Chanhassen residents support Paisley Park becoming a museum, but they're concerned it's all happening too quickly.

City officials and residents want more details about how it would affect traffic and public safety, as well as people living in the area of Highway 5 and Audubon Road, reports say.

"Be the kid on the bicycle who's trying to cross because they're trying to get to school," Denise Choinier, who lives near Paisley Park, said Monday, according to MPR News. "I've lived there for over 25 years. Prince has been a great neighbor. And I'd really be sad if something bad happened because we didn't do a thorough job of looking at traffic."

There's no timeline on when the city plans to take up the rezoning issue again, but the Chanhassen Villager reports they have until Dec. 23 to act on the request, and if no action is taken by then, the request will be approved.

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