The price of gas went up – and it's likely to keep going that way


After weeks of sinking lower and lower, gas prices are inching upward again (sorry, wallets!) – though we're still significantly better off now than we were a year ago.

The average cost of a gallon of regular gas in Minnesota right now is $2.16, which is still a whopping $1.05 cheaper than it was on Feb. 9 of 2014, according to the AAA Daily Fuel Gauge Report.

Here's a look at how it compares to one day, one week, and one month earlier.

The national average is about $2.18 (a jump of about 12 cents in just the past week) – so Minnesota is basically right in line, after weeks of being 5-10 cents below.

Will prices keep going up? It seems likely

AAA says gas prices typically rise at this time of the year due to maintenance on refineries generally happening during these weeks. In addition, the price of crude oil has stabilized – meaning no big declines are expected – and there is currently a decrease in overall production. (January and February are some of the least-busiest times on the road.)

“It is a good bet that most drivers will pay more for gasoline in March than today,” said Avery Ash, AAA spokesman in a statement. “Yet even if gas prices increase as expected, drivers should continue paying at least a dollar less on gasoline than what they spent in recent years during the spring.”

A jump of 30-50 cents per gallon between now and then wouldn't be a surprise, AAA says.

Cheapest spots for gas in Minnesota

Here's the average price for a regular gallon, broken down by metro region:

  • Duluth – $2.11
  • Twin Cities – $2.18
  • Rochester – $2.06
  • St. Cloud – $2.21

Rochester's price has jumped just a few cents in the past week; the other three metro spots have all increased by at least a dime.

Even though the average price has gone up, there are still some stations where you can get a solid cheap gallon in the state. (Click here to search in your area for the cheapest reported gas prices.)

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