The price of happiness: Average MN wedding costs more than $25K

If you're planning on popping the question anytime soon, better get saving.

Can you put a price on the happiest day of your life? You can, actually, and in Minnesota that cost is $27,113.

That is the average cost of a wedding in Minnesota, according to the results of a survey from The Knot, which actually means you're living in a cheaper place to get hitched, given that the national average is $35,329.

Oh, and by the way, that doesn't include the honeymoon (staycation, anyone?).

The Knot has been tracking the cost of weddings over the past 10 years and it's hit an all-time high this year. That said, it varies wildly depending on where you live, so spare a thought for the yuppies of Manhattan who will be hit with a $78,464 average bill.

What makes the rising cost more interesting is that it has gone up despite the average number of wedding guests decreasing, down to 141 per wedding compared to 149 in 2009, meaning the average cost per guest over the past seven years has risen by $51.

Other publications have released their own findings for the average cost of weddings in Minnesota but they all tend to come out around $20,000-$30,000.

What are couples spending more on?

If you've been to a wedding in recent years, there's a good chance it had at least one of the following: photo booths, lawn games, fireworks, or live music.

That's because plying your guests with alcohol, having speeches and putting some music on is no longer enough for weddings, the new trend is to provide some additional entertainment, with 41 percent of weddings now featuring "custom guest entertainment" compared to 11 percent in 2009.

What to expect next? The Knot says that cigar rolling stations, wine and liquor tastings and dance performances are on the rise, and starting to trend are acrobats, live painters and gospel choirs.

Parents are still paying bulk of the costs

The tradition of the bride's parents paying the bulk of the wedding costs continues to ring true in the modern era, with The Knot finding that they cover 44 percent of the wedding budget on average, with the bridge and groom contributing 42 percent.

Good news for all of those with sons, groom's parents generally contribute 13 percent, with the remaining 2 percent coming from other sources.

Other than the venue, the most expensive cost on the day is if you hire a wedding band, which costs upward of $4,000, with photographers also expected to cost you a pretty penny as well.

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